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Liturgical Years

For Sundays and other special days throughout the church year, there are three sets of readings assigned for the day. These readings are assigned to Liturgical Years A, B, and C. Years which are evenly divisible by 3 are assigned year C, such as 2016.  Bear in mind that Liturgical Years start on the first Sunday of Advent of the previous year, so December 1, 2016 starts Liturgical Year A which continues during 2017 until December 1, 2017 which starts Liturgical Year B.

Quick Reference:         

Year A  12/2016-11/2017, 2019-2020, 2022-23

Year B  12/2017-11/2018,  2020-2021, 2023-24 

Year C  12/2015-11/2016, 2018-19, 2021-22

Liturgical Seasons of the Years The seasons of the liturgical year begin with Advent, a time of preparation (4 weeks) for the Christmas season. The Christmas season celebrates the birth of Jesus (on December 25) and continues until the Baptism of Our Lord. This is followed by the first of two periods of Ordinary Time, which continues until Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent, a time of penitence leading to the Paschal Triduum after the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday. The Triduum is the three days before Easter. Easter Sunday marks the start of the Easter season, which continues as a time of celebration until Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost Sunday marks the start of the second period of Ordinary Time, which continues until the Advent season begins again.Living Seasons of Change take the readings for the particular calendar month of each of the three years and witnesses that they tie together to share a particular message of the Good News.  Each show is titled according to the main theme of the month. Finding the current Liturgical  Living Seasons of Change  To access the program outline and references for the following Seasons of Living Change choose the page link to the right of this page.  For a short description of the shows click On the air To listen to the audio or to download link to  Padua Media Catholic Radio  and Living Seasons or Audio Archives. 

Living Seasons of Change by Liturgical Year Cycles and Month:                         

Cycle A     

December      Season of Waiting [Advent]  

January          Season of Foundations [Epiphany, Baptism, Mary] 

February        Season of Hope [weeks 1-4 Lent]

March/April   Season of Salvation [Lent, Holy Wk, Easter, Mercy Sunday]

April/May      Season of More [Easter]

May/June       Season of Glory [solemnities]

June/July        Season of Apostleship [wks 9-12]

July                Season of Discover [wks 14-17]

August           Season of Following Jesus [wks 18-22]

September     Season of Agreement [wks 23-26]

October         Season of the Greatest Commandment [wks 27-30]

November     Season of Time [All Saints-Christ the King]

Cycle B

December     Season of Preparation [Advent]

January         Season of New Beginning [Epiphany]

February       Season of Walking with Jesus [wks 4-7]

March           Season of Cross Purposes

April             Season of Witness [Holy Week, Easter

May              Season of the Name [Mercy Sunday, Ascension, Pentecost]

June              Season of Signs [Trinity, Body & Blood, wks 12-13]

July               Season of Patterns [wk 13-17

August          Season of Living Bread [wks 18-21]

September    Season of Mark of Discipleship [wks 22-26]

October        Season of Vocation [wks 27-30]

November     Season of Forever [All Saints, 31-33, Christ the King]


December       Season of Holiness-Advent  Also: Advent Reflections Retreat

January            Season of Manifestation-Epiphany

February          Season of Sharing [5-7th Ordinary]

March              Season of Repentance- Lent

Also:  Way of the Cross

April                 Season of the Sacrifice-Holy Week

April                 Season of Joy and Life-Easter

May                  Season of the Spirit-Pentecost

June                  Season of Solemnities- Trinity, Corpus Christi, Birth of John the Baptist

July                   Season of Journey [13-17th Ordinary]

August              Season of Treasure [18-21st Ordinary]

September        Season of Acceptance [22-26th Ordinary]

October            Season of Faith  [27-30th Ordinary]

November         Season of Kingdom-Christ the King 

Living Seasons of Change by Liturgical Season:    

Season of Waiting (Advent A)    Season of Preparation (Advent B)       Season of Holiness (Advent C)          

Season of Foundation (Epiphany A); Season of New Beginning (Epiphany B); Season of Manifestation (Epiphany C)

Season of Traveling with Jesus (Wk 4-7 Ord B); Season of Sharing (Weeks 3-7 Ordinary C)

Season of Hope (Lent A); Season of Cross Purposes (Lent B); Season of Repentance (Lent C)

Season of Salvation (Holy Week, Easter A);Season of More (Easter A); Season of Witness (Holy Week, Easter B);  Season of Joy & Life (Easter C)

Season of Glory (Pentecost & Trinity A); Season of Power (Ascension & Pentecost B); Season of the Spirit (Pentecost C)

Season of Apostleship (Wks 9-12 Ordinary A); Season of Signs (Trinity, Body & Blood, 12-13 Ord B); Season of Solemnities (Trinity, Body & Blood C)

Season of Discovery (Weeks 14-17 Ordinary A); Season of Patterns (Weeks  14-17 Ordinary B); Season of Journey (Weeks 13-17 Ordinary C)

Season of Following Jesus (Weeks 18-22 Ord A); Season of Living Bread (Weeks 18-21 Ordinary B); Season of Treasure (Weeks 18-21 Ordinary C)

Season of Agreement (Weeks 23-26 Ordinary A); Season of Mark of the Disciple (Weeks 22-26 Ord B); Season of Acceptance (Weeks 22-26 Ordinary C)

Season of Greatest Commandment (Weeks 27-30 Ord A); Season of Vocation (Weeks 27-30 Ordinary B); Season of Faith (Weeks 27-30 Ordinary C)

Season of Time (All Saints-Christ the King A); Season of Forever (All Saints-Christ the King B); Season of the Kingdom (All Saints-Christ the King C)