Season of Apostleship

Season of Apostleship, of the Living Seasons of Change series, covers the 9-12 Weeks of Ordinary Time in Year A.  The radio show airs June 2008 on Catholic radio KDUA.  Hosted by Patti Brunner and Monsignor David LeSieur, VF, a Catholic priest of the Diocese of Little Rock, Season of Apostleship challenges God’s people to listen to his call and prepare to be sent out as witnesses.  See the outline and references of the show below.  Copies of this program are available on CD.  Please enter Ref. LSC 108-A on the Books  mail order form.


Outline of Season of Apostleship

God prepared the disciples to be sent out.  As they were sent they became apostles.  In such a way God now sends our voices out on the airwaves and the internet ions to explain his teaching and to witness his great love for the people.

Healing recurs as concrete proof of God’s love and concern for the people, but healing of the body is temporary and is meant to ease suffering during life on earth.  Look more deeply at the passages that reveal the path to eternal life. 

Notice that life passes away even for those chosen to witness the glory of the Lord on earth and those who traveled with Jesus did not avoid suffering in their life on earth—signifying the grace that is needed to brace against “hard” times.

As you read the Gospels, tied to one another, you see the larger picture of the Kingdom of God—the light reveals God’s purpose of the Church—that all might have the opportunity that Paul received—personal revelation of the person of Christ, personal relationship, indwelling within the Body of Christ so as to be able to follow the Way and to show the Way to others.

As Jesus called the 12 he now calls the listeners.  Each listener is as important to Jesus as was the first twelve.  Not all are called to the “complete” focus of these but each is “sent forth” to share all that you have been given.

As grace continues to change lives the grace provides light on the particular focus of each unique life.  Without fulfillment of God’s plan—who knows the number of hairs on your head—the fullness of fulfillment is lacking.  In God’s sovereign power the majority find their Way yet free will allows many to turn away as they embrace darkness.

Continue to look at the first reading to continue the flow.  The focus is your apostleship.  How are you sent forth? 
What wonderful things have not taken place because you have rejected God’s plan?

As always “repent”.  As Peter repented his denial so must you.  Seek to glorify God even in hard times.  For these shall pass away but his love shall never pass away!

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